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What Is Scores On Doors In New South Wales?

A lot of us have seen Scores on Doors around our local restaurants. We all might be able to hazard a guess on what the scores are rating but let’s get a better understanding on the specific on this.

Scores on Doors is a food safety and hygiene rating system. The ratings are meant to help consumers make informed decisions about going where to eat. The certificate with the score is displayed in a place that is easily visible.

During the inspection, business are assessed against a food safety and hygiene checklist. Following that, they are given a star rating reflecting their performance.

Scores On Doors System




The highest expected level of hygiene and food safety practices.

Very Good

Very good hygiene and food safety practices.

Some minor areas need to be addressed to get a higher result.


Good general standard of hygiene and food safety. Some non-critical areas need attention to get a higher result.

(no grade)

A business with major hygiene and food safety issues does not get a certificate to display.

Depending on the issue, businesses can be issued with a warning or improvement notices directing them to address the problem. If they don’t, they can be fined and appear on the NSW Food Authority Name & Shame register. In the worst cases, premises can be closed.

Businesses not participating in the Scores on Doors program also have no certificate.

Source: New South Wales Government Department of Primary Industry – Food Authority

For more information on this, please refer to the Scores on Doors website.

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