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What To Do With Ugly Food?

Many food businesses do not like serving ugly food to their customers. From farmers to restaurant owners, presentation is an important sell point. But it also becomes food waste. But a South Australian producer might have solved this issue.

South Australian producer Joy White has now taken the ugly food from other producers and turns them into food powder. Ms White dehydrates the unwanted produce for hours. Once the food is dehydrated, she turns it into powder and packages them. Once it is also nicely packed, she will sell them online or at markets. Ms White uses ingredients like pickles, peaches, raspberries and even Brussel sprouts! The powdered food has seen growing demand in barbecue rubs or as a substitute in smoothies or desserts.

The Ugly Truth to Ugly Food

Although some argue that the nutritional value may be lost in the dehydration process but for those that may not have easy access to fresh produce, it is a life saver. It might be an issue that the nutritional value may be lost but when it also reduces food waste, the ugly truth of less nutritional value may become a beautiful thing too!

Can you think of other ways to save ugly food? What are other ways you can use dehydrated food?

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