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Will This New DNA Tracker Change The Face Of Food Fraud?

Food businesses use DNA tracker to help protect the quality of the food. Adelaide University has since worked on improving the current tracker. How will it impact the current food quality control in South Australia?

The reason why this change was initiated was because food fraud has become serious concern. Foods that have seen fraud include high-value food, fibre and plant oil products. They would be replaced or mixed with lower-grade imitations.

This comes as a huge problem for our exports. Australian seafood is a massively popular overseas in Asia. Since food safety has not had a good track record around Asia, a lot of people prefer to buy Australian food. In order to secure consumer trust, Australia needs to make sure our products stay safe.

The DNA Tracker Method

By using the DNA tracker, DNA sequencing can be used to deliver species and even region-of-origin confirmation. The methods, where the team can now analyse hundreds of DNA samples at a time, can also be applied to traditional Chinese medicines, oils and nutritional and dietary supplements. Many companies are keen to try the updated technology from Adelaide University.

How else can we track food contamination in our produce? How can we protect the integrity of Australian products?

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