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Did You Know This Baby Wipes Fact?

A lot of young parents use baby wipes as their saving grace. Just with a simple wipe, a kid’s hands will be clean enough for them to eat food! But a research done in the in the United States says that it might affect a child’s upbringing.

The research shows that baby wipes and soaps mad promote childhood food allergies. This is because it disrupts the natural protective barrier of the skin. A food allergy is triggered by a mix of environmental and genetic factors. By using baby wipes, it leaves soap on the skin. This and the mix of dust and food that exposes the skin, it alters the genetics in skin absorbency.

Many believe that there is growing evidence to show that skin has an important role to play in the development of food allergy. Another study suggest that using wipes aids the allergen to ingress through the skin and helps induce the sensitisation and allergy.

The best thing to do is to go back to the old ways. To wash your hands properly with soap and to rinse it properly with water.

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