Food Recall: Fruits Sabotaged Around Australia

Last week, we reported that strawberries had needles appearing in them (read about it here). Now other fruits have had reports that needles are appearing too. Which fruits are now involved?

Earlier today, it was reported that New South Wales police are investigating claims of a needle found inside an apple. The North-West Sydney based woman who allegedly found a sewing needle lodged inside her store-bought apple she was peeling for her daughter at the time.

Since then, the NSW Department of Health and NSW Police have advised Woolworths not to remove their apples from shelves for now. In addition to the sabotage of strawberries, there were now ‘isolated’ reports of bananas and apples in the Sydney area being contaminated.

One such story comes from the town of Mackay. The police investigated another needle contamination story. A 62-year-old woman was caught sticking a needle into a banana at the shop. It is an apparent copycat act. The police have found that the woman has mental health issues. They then gave her a warning and referred the woman to appropriate support services.

How can you keep your business and family safe if you are using strawberries? What are steps to prevent this from happening again in the future?

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