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What Happens When We Use Wooden Boards To Serve Food?

One of the latest trends is to serve your food on a wooden board. It had a nice aesthetic effect and they are not so easy to break. But everything in this world can break… and wood is one such thing. One restaurant in England found this out the hard way… by breaking it’s customer confidence with a food scandal.

It started in 2016, when Birmingham City Council received tweets from 14 people suffered food poisoning. They had all attended Ibrahim’s Grill and Steakhouse and the customers were not happy. This lead to health inspectors to go see the outlet.

Upon their visit, the health inspectors notes that disposable gloves being used instead of hand washing. But more importantly (and more to topic), they noted that wooden plates ‘incapable of being cleaned’ were used to serve food.

Some of the wooden plates were charred from the hot food. Some of the plates had a huge crack running through it. This is an easy way for bacteria to remain, as well as for cross-contamination.

The Wooden Spoon Punishment

On the 4th of January 2018, the establishment was fined A$86,000 and will further pay A$1158 in costs and A$200 ‘victim surcharge’.

Have you got any wooden plates at home or in your restaurant? Are you using the proper methods to clean this type of plate? Do you need to reconsider using them?

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