How Are Australian Reptiles Affecting Food Safety?

Not many people will think that reptiles and food safety are linked. But new research has shown that this might just be the case.

The issue at hand is not only related to reptiles, it also has to do with rats and mice. The rodents have made their way around the world. And many people have tried to get rid of them with toxic baits to stop them spreading disease and causing environmental or commercial damage.

Main issue with using toxic baits is how it can have a flow on affect. It can have deadly consequences for native predatory animals that eat poisoned rats and mice. Moreover, the new research shows that the secondary poisoning is worsened in Australian reptiles. This means it is extremely effective at spreading these poisons up the food chain. The process that may even have consequences for human health.

Why does reptiles affect human health?

A specific type of goanna serves as an important traditional food in Indigenous communities throughout Australia. The risks associated with sub-lethal human exposure to rodent baits are not well known. However, recent studies in some wildlife species show that even mild chronic exposure to the longer-lasting poisons can lead to dangerous changes in the immune system.

Do you think rodent poison needs to be regulated more? Are there other animals that might be affected in the same way that humans may consume?

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