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Is Food Health A Priority For Australian Fast Food Chains?

For many consumers, food health has become something that has become more and more important. How many grams of sugar is in this item? What kind of fat is used in the ingredients? Where do the ingredients come from? The concern comes from a growth in obesity around the world. How do fast food chains in Australia fair in the concern?

A recent study from Deakin University’s Global Obesity Centre showed that many fast food chains do not promote nutrition. The stats come from whether these fast food restaurant promote healthy eating.

Not one out of the eleven restaurants managed to score over 50 out of the 100 possible points that can be scored. See image below:

The report analysed six areas:

  • reducing salts in their foods
  • lowering the amount of sugars in their foods
  • reducing fats in their foods
  • correctly labelling nutrition information
  • endorsing healthy food options through cheaper prices
  • more marketing on food health

Improve Food Health

The report recommended the 11 chains to increase their focuses on reducing obesity, reducing the salts, sugars and fats in their foods while including more vegetables and fruits, limiting serving sizes and actively exposing children and adolescents to nutritious options.

What do you think about the results? How can your food business promote healthy eating? How can you personally improve your food health?

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