Just How Common Is Salmonella?

Many of us know Salmonella is one of the most common food poisoning causes. We try to cook out food properly in attempt to kill the bacteria. But a recent food recall in the United States has challenged the way we think.

In America, there was a recent recall of kid-favourite Pepperidge Farm Goldfish® crackers, Ritz Crackers and Kellogg’s Honey Smacks® cereal. The key lesson: Just because food is processed and boxed  for a long shelf life, that doesn’t make it bacteria-free. Since a huge part of the food safety is dependent on the quality control at the manufacturer, contamination can occur anytime.

Salmonella is a bacteria that is caused by contamination when food gets in contact with animal or human waste, even in trace amounts. Basically, anything we eat can contain this! And any food can contain illness-inducing bacteria if it’s touched by another contaminated food or unclean surface, utensil or hand.

If you have symptoms or are around someone who does, keep your hands clean—especially before putting them near your mouth. Salmonella will be in the stool of the infected person and can spread due to improper hygiene. Also, avoid food that is recalled and thought to be contaminated. Even if you have already eaten some of it, destroy whatever is left.

What are steps you can take to prevent cross-contamination in your business? How can you

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