What Is The Link Between Allergies And Pre-Packaged Food?

Allergies are a very common reason for people to get sick around Australia. From a recent research, there seems to be a link between pre-packaged food and anaphylaxis cases in Australia. Since then, a warning has been issued that eating this item is a ‘significant risk’.

The research was conducted by Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. They found that there have been at least 14 cases of anaphylaxis in past nine months. The likely cause of the cases was due to contaminated packaged foods.

What to do now?

Since the study, it has now prompted changes to food labelling. Many doctors believe that it is almost impossible for consumers to tell what foods have undergone screening for allergens. This could help consumers choose what will likely to be safe and which could pose a threat.

This is in addition to the current mandatory rule to list common allergens. But since only some manufacturers disclose precautionary allergen labelling, it is very hard for consumers to know if the product contains their less common allergen . The Food Standards Australia New Zealand said some of the problems were caused by reformulation of recipes, packaging errors or accidental cross-contamination.

Do you need to be more careful in how you buy packaged food? If you own a business, do you need to be more carful to not create cross-contamination? Or do you need to update your food labels?
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