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Round 2: International Food Safety Round Up 2018

It has been a while since our last International Food Safety Round Up… almost four months to be exact! Check out what countries around the globe are up to in terms of food safety.

The U.S. Teams Up With Canada To Investigate Outbreak Linked To Oysters

Since April 2018, Canada has been affected by a highly contagious virus. It has infected 120 people across three provinces, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. This virus is linked to oysters and the U.S. have announced that Canadian oysters were exported to California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Washington.

FDA and the states are conducting a trace-forward investigation to determine where the raw oysters were distributed and ensure they’re removed from the food supply.

Only Four Samples Fail In Hong Kong

Last week, Hong Kong’s Center for Food Safety (CFS) released its food safety report. Out of the 12,000 samples taken, only four failed in the test.  The samples comprised about 3,600 samples of vegetables and fruit and their products; 700 samples of meat and poultry and their products; 1,600 samples of aquatic and related products; 800 samples of milk, milk products and frozen confections; 800 samples of cereals, grains and their products; and 4,500 samples of other food commodities (including beverages, bakery products and snacks).

Wedding Celebrations Hospitalise almost 75 People In India

The wedding celebration that hosted nearly 600 people ended in not-so-glad tidings.  The guests were served vegetarian food with some milk sweets. The victims told the doctors that they felt uneasiness after consuming the sweet dish. Since then the sweet dish has been taken for some testing and all the people hospitalised are out of danger.

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