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Round 3: International Food Safety Round Up 2018

As we close off July, here is the latest international food safety round up! What news comes around the world in food safety?

Denmark Botulism Outbreak Source Discovered

In 2018 alone, nine cases of botulism was reported in Denmark. Previously, from 1985 to 2017, Danish people had only reported six cases of botulism. The Statens Serum Institut (SSI) announced that the food poisoning was caused by a homemade savoury jam was the cause of the outbreak after a private party in Sønderborg. The dish was positive with botulinum toxin type A. And this was the same type was identified in the patients.

The United States Recalls Taco Bell Cheese Sauce

Another botulism outbreak is feared, but this time it is in the United States. The Kraft Heinz Food Co. is recalling their Taco Bell Cheese Sauce. Concern rose when the jars displayed signs of product separation which can lead to a potential health hazard. The voluntary recall can see up to 100,000 jars returned in fear of botulism poisoning. Although there have been no reports of illness connected to the product, consumers have told to be nevertheless vigilant.

Shocking Study in North Ireland Reveals Listeria

In this research held by Safefood, 12 out of the 24 food business participants had their products infected with the potentially deadly Listeria monocytogenes. This is a result from taking swabs from six sites on the participants premises. Furthermore, 30% of incidents involving Listeria reported between 2005 and 2011 involved ready-to-eat sliced meats. But most worrying is that the results showed that more than 70%of the isolates discovered carry a gene that gives them resistance to commonly used sanitisers. This experiment was to help promote awareness and knowledge of food safety issues in Ireland… I think this result definitely warrants awareness!

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