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Top 7 Food Safety Tips You Have To Know

Food safety is something that we know needs to be upheld for any food business. But with so many different tips and suggestions, what are the best ones to follow? And what ones can you easily take home to apply to your home?

1. Plan ahead. 

One of the easiest mistakes to make when preparing food is over buying ingredients and preparing too much. This makes it hard to keep the food at the right temperature for eating later

2. Keep your fridge at or below 5°C. 

Constantly check whether your fridge is within the 4-5 °C. To ensure that it is cold throughout the whole fridge, try and have enough room in the fridge so the cold air can circulate properly

3. Check the storage instructions.

Food labelling normally has proper storing instructions, make sure you check what the instructions say

4. Keep hot food at or over 60°C.

If the food is not consumed immediately, place it in the oven at 60°C (or at 100°C if that is as low as your oven will go)

5. Divide food to cool.

Any food that you cook and will not be consumed immediately should be cooled as quickly as possible. Once the steam has stopped, place food in a container and into the fridge or freezer.

6. Keep food cool on the move.

If you are on the move, make sure to store your ingredients or other pre-prepared food in a cooler bag.

7. In doubt, throw it out.

If perishable food has been in the temperature danger zone for 2-4 hours, consume it immediately. After four hours, throw it out.

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