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What Two Restaurants Were Slapped With Food Safety Breach Fines?

There is no rest for maintaining food safety in the country. Not even during the festive break. And two restaurants in Melbourne found that out the hard way.

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One such restaurant is Empress of China in Melbourne’s Chinatown on Little Bourke St. The establishment was fined more than $26,000 for 12 breaches of the Food Act. The food inspection occurred in 2016 and since then has faced Melbourne Magistrates Court. It was found that the restaurant did not provide accessible hand washing facilities for staff and lacked a temperature measuring device to accurately check food with.

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The other food establishment that copped a fine was the popular Spencer Pizza Kebab and Cafe on Rebecca Walk. They were fined more than $15,000 including costs for eight breaches of the Food Act. Some of the charges laid against the café include failure to store food properly to protect it from pests and contamination. Since then, this restaurant has been publicly added to the State Government’s Food Convictions Register.

Did your food business slack off during the break? Do you need to get back into the proper practices? Is your company ready for a random food inspection?

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