Video: How to Build a Risk & Compliance Model for Your FSMS

It is important to have a sound Food Safety Management System (FSMS). According to the International Standard ISO 22003, FSMS is defined as a set of interrelated elements that establish policy and objectives. With the aim to achieve objectives some policies are used to direct and control the organisation so that food safety is maintained. This week’s web seminar will explore how your company should create a food safety program that models measuring Compliance and Risk.

Summary of Web Video Seminar: How to Build a Risk & Compliance Model for Your FSMS

This webinar will look at the methods and models for measuring Compliance and Risk across your food safety management systems. This will include the appropriate methods for single site and corporate environments. It will also address the difference between measure compliance and measuring risk.

International Food Safety & Quality Network (IFSQN)

This is part of the IFSQN webinar series

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