Environmental Monitoring Program

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Having an environmental monitoring program (EMP) can play an important part in food safety. It can help access whether the practices implemented in a facility works. It also can provide the information needed to prevent microbial contamination of food products. Find out more in this week’s web seminar and see if you can implement it into your food business.

Summary of Web Seminar How to Set Up a Sampling Zone for an Environmental Monitoring Program

An environmental monitoring program (EMP) can be used to assess the effectiveness of the overall hygienic practices in a facility and to provide information needed to prevent possible microbial contamination of food products. An EMP provides valuable data (source and concentration) on indicator organisms, spoilage organisms, and pathogens of concern in a timely manner. An EMP is not designed to validate the effectiveness of cleaning and sanitizing methods; the focus is more on validating cleaning and sanitizing frequencies and other Good Manufacturing Practices (21 CFR 110). Gain insight into how effective EMP sampling zones can be implemented in a food-handling facility to reduce the risk of microbial contamination of finished products.

International Food Safety & Quality Network (IFSQN)

This is part of the IFSQN webinar series

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