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Video: Pitfalls of Accounting for Intentional Adulteration in Your Food Safety Plan

A food safety plan is important in any food business. The Food Safety Modernization Act in America now enforces companies to make plans to prevent intentional adulteration. Such acts, while not likely to occur, could cause illness, death, economic disruption of the food supply absent mitigation strategies. By having a plan in place, it can stop wide-scale harm to public health, including acts of terrorism targeting the food supply. Check out in this web seminar how this should change the way we implement food safety regulations in a business.

Web Seminar summary of Pitfalls of Accounting for Intentional Adulteration in Your Food Safety Plan

How do you document intentional adulteration mitigation strategies in your facility? FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act now requires that food facilities plan for intentional adulteration in a documented food defense plan. Although the requirements are similar to a food safety plan, there are distinct differences. Combining the food defense and food safety plans may create an opportunity to miss key elements in both. Learn the pitfalls of accounting for intentional adulteration in your facility’s food safety plan. We will discuss and compare industry best practices with regulatory requirements and make suggestions on how to prevent developed mitigation strategies from being compromised.

Note from writer

Now you may be thinking, this does not affect me in anyway. But if you consider how many unprecedented food scandals can occur, this is the best practice to have in place so you know how to deal with an unexpected scandal. This process will also help refine any current food safety schemes you may have in place. It is always good to find new ways to improve your plan because time always keep changing. And for those not in the business? This will keep you well informed and may help you understand food policies better.

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