Video: Reducing Waste & Improving Efficiencies In Product Inspection

Waste is something that has become a forefront issue for many industries. For the food industry, what does reducing the rubbish in your food business look like? This week’s web seminar looks at this issue. It also delves into how you can also pass a product inspection in your food business.

Summary of Web Seminar: Reducing Waste & Improving Efficiencies In Product Inspection

Waste is a thorn in the side of food producers everywhere. It can be a problem during many stages of production and certain processes, such as product inspection, contribute to ‘acceptable’ levels of rubbish every day, but should it be acceptable? Wasted time or product equals wasted money. We will explore the benefits of inspection throughout the process, advancement in product inspection capabilities as well as development of best practices to reduce waste and improve efficiencies in you product inspection programs.

International Food Safety & Quality Network (IFSQN)

This is part of the IFSQN webinar series


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