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Wanted: Food Poisoning Culprits – #1

It has been a long time coming in this food poisoning countdown but we finally reach first place. So for the notorious number one in causing woes for all peoples, what food comes out on top?

#1 Food Poisoning Culprit – Chicken

This might not come as a surprise to many, but the food that can cause the most food poisoning incidents is chicken. Two of the most common food pathogens, campylobacter and salmonella, are easily found on chicken. The reason being that this is a bacteria that lives in the intestines of the chicken. These bacteria can be transmitted via their faeces into the human food chain. They can also pass into humans after the bird or animal has been slaughtered.

Food poisoning comes through multiple ways;

  • The juices from raw chicken being allowed to drop onto cooked poultry or other types of foods.

  • Chicken which has not been cooked at the correct temperature.

  • Chicken which has not been allowed to cook for the right length of time.

  • Failure to allow chicken to defrost thoroughly

  • Using the same chopping board for raw and cooked chicken

  • Eating chicken after the ‘sell by’ date

There are many ways that these two bacteria can be killed before human consumption;

  1. Thoroughly cook your chicken before eating it

  2. Clean all preparation surfaces. These two types of bacteria are very easily cross-contaminated to other foods

  3. Wash your hands thoroughly

  4. Keep foods refrigerated before cooking.

Now let’s put a twist on this entire food poisoning issue

You have just been shown the top 10 causes of food poisoning, but here is a great book that shows how easy it is to give someone food poisoning, and great tips on how to avoid it:

Show Me The Rotten Food Cookbook

Wanted – The Top Ten Food Poisoning Culprits

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