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Wanted: Food Poisoning Culprits – #8

Welcome back to the countdown to the most dangerous foods that can cause food poisoning. We left the list at #9 and we return to the list to reveal the #8 food that can cause us to get ill.

#8 Food Poisoning Culprit – Berries

Even though we all know many fruits and vegetables have a lot of help benefits, it does not make them immune to food pathogens and that means that we can also get food poisoning. Berries of all sorts – blueberries, strawberries, raspberries just to name a few! – fall under this banner.

The food pathogens can be present in the berries from can be from the simplest thing like the berry pickers not properly washing their hands. There can also be contamination in the water that grows the berries – since berries have a high water content. In some circumstances, there could be parasites in the water and by eating you can be accidentally biting it – yuk!

Yet fresh berries are not the only concern. Some of you might remember the major food scandal regarding Nana’s frozen berries last year (for more on that story – click here). Just the simple facts of that scandal should convince you how dangerous berries can be.

Want to stay safe from food poisoning from berries? Here are our tips;

  • Wash the berries properly

  • Buying in season berries makes it safer

  • Throw out frozen berries that have been recalled by the manufacturer


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