How to setup a FREE registration website for cafes and restaurants

How to setup a FREE registration website for cafes and restaurants

Don't risk COVID-19 with a sign-in sheet!!!

Do you have a pen and paper sign in sheet for customers?

If so, you are significantly increasing the chances of spreading COVID-19 within your restaurant or cafe. You now have a single item which you are forcing every customer to touch.

The solution is easy – an online registration form that your customers can fill in on their own phone. 

Some cafes and restaurants have a QR Code that customers can scan to take them to a form. Unfortunately some providers are charging hundreds of dollars and most restaurants and cafes can’t afford this.

The great news is that you can easily set up your own form for FREE.

Step 1.

Logging Into Google Forms...

Search “Google Forms” on Google. OR paste the following URL.

Select “Go to Google Forms” button.

How to Setup a Simple registration Website

Log in or Sign up

Step 2.

Using Google Forms...

Give the Form a Title, E.g. ‘Covid Sign In’.

Select ‘Short Answer’ from the drop down menu.

Locate the question box and add a question, E.g. ‘Name’.

Under the response validation subtitle select the type of response you want OR you can select ‘Remove ( X )’ if you don’t mind what type of response you get.

When your finished you can proceed to add another question by clicking.

You can select the ‘Preview‘ button to see what the finished product will look like.

You can view the responses on the design page by clicking the ‘Response‘ tab.

When the form is complete select the ‘Send’ button next to the ‘Preview’ button

Select the ‘Link‘ tab and copy the URL by pressing the ‘Copy’ button.

Step 3.

QR Reader...

Open a ‘QR Code Generator’ by searching it on Google eg.

Paste the link from the Google form into the generator and save the QR code on the right

You can print this image out and stick it where you’d like, customers will just need to scan it using their phones and fill out the questions you’ve set up.

Thank You!

This information could not have been published without the help and research from Andrei Rodrigues.

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