9 Telltale Signs You’re a Food Safety Wizard

In the complex and dynamic world of food safety, there are those who simply follow the rules, and then there are the true wizards. Are you one of them? Uncover the nine unmistakable signs that reveal your status as a food safety wizard.

You Wash Your Hands Every Time You Even THINK About Food

Forget just washing your hands before you handle food – you wash them every time you have a passing thought about food. You never know when a crumb might jump out and attack you, after all. 

You Store Your Food Like You're Preparing For A Zombie Apocalypse

Your food storage game is on point. You’ve got everything vacuum-sealed, labeled, and dated. You even have a special bunker for your canned goods. 

You Clean Your Kitchen Like It's A Surgical Suite

Your kitchen is cleaner than a hospital operating room. You use bleach to sanitize every surface, and you make your guests wear hazmat suits before they’re allowed to enter. 

You Check Expiration Dates With A Microscope

You don’t just check expiration dates – you practically need a microscope to read them. You never take any chances with even the slightest possibility of eating something past its prime. 

You Have A Separate Room For Raw And Cooked Foods

Who needs a fridge when you have an entire room dedicated to raw and cooked foods? You’ve even hired a team of scientists to study the best ways to keep your foods separated. 

You Use A Food Thermometer For Everything

Forget just using a food thermometer for meat – you use it for everything. You even use it to check the temperature of your ice cream to make sure it’s not too cold. 

You've Banned All Risky Foods From Your Home

Raw oysters? Undercooked eggs? Unpasteurized dairy products? Not in your house! You’ve banned all risky foods, and your guests are lucky to even get a cracker to munch on. 

You Carry Around Food Safety Guidelines In Your Pocket

You don’t just know food safety guidelines – you live and breathe them. You even carry around a pocket-sized version of the guidelines with you at all times. 

You Lecture Everyone You Meet About Food Safety

You’re not just a food safety fanatic – you’re a food safety evangelist. You lecture everyone you meet about the dangers of eating contaminated food. Even the cashier at the grocery store is not safe from your wrath. 

What about you?

So, there you have it – nine signs that you are a true food safety fanatic. We have the ultimate quiz to see if you are a food safety wizard.

Thank You!

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