Glitterbug Handwashing Training

Glitterbug Handwashing Training How clean are your hands? The answer will shock you. The fact is, most people aren’t washing their hands properly, even in hospitals. Proper Hand Hygiene and Hand Washing Training is vital in order to stop the spread of disease and germs. But how do you get people to wash their hands properly? Use GlitterBug! Here’s the steps to cleaner hands:

Step 1

Step 1Squirt Glitterbug Lotion onto your hands and rub it in, just as you would with moisturiser

Step 2

Step 2Wash your hands, just as you would normally

Step 3

Step 3Use the UV Torch to illuminate all the lotion that hasn’t been washed out. This shows you how poorly (or well) you have washed your hands.

Step 4

Yuck! Look at that! Now’s a good time to perfect your handwashing techniques using our online guide, and then try the GlitterBug again.

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