Venue safety plan

Compulsory conditions on liquor license will be imposed on registered clubs in Australia that exhibit large number of violent incidents in the premises. Clubs will be required to implement a “Venue Safety Plan” that includes different measures that will be taken to reduce the risk of violent incidents. Furthermore, clubs are obliged to demonstrate a noticeable reduction in violent incidents over a 12 month period.

Clubs seeking to develop a venue safety plan should always

  • Submit to all rules and regulations for licensed premises
  • Promote a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) that complies with the society’s standards and expectations
  • Educate the staff on the legislative requirements and the different risk management issues
  • Take proper steps to promote and maintain safe environments for patrons and employees

The level of patronage, layout, and locality may affect each venue’s safety priorities.

Issues to consider in developing a venue safety plan

Alcohol service and promotion

Clubs that have experienced multiple incidents involving violent patrons are required to prioritize responsible promotion and service of alcohol. The Venue Safety Plan may include the following:

  • Prohibition of rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Monitoring of alcohol consumptions through the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) marshals.
  • Promotion of the consumption of weaker alcohol beverages and of banning of shots or doubles
  • Replacing glasswares with plastic wares to avoid the risk of glassing


Disorderly behaviors and possible violent incidents may be impeded through implementing strict level of venue security. Your security plan should include the measures below for your venue to be able to demonstrate an adequate security:

  • Maintaining a regular contact with the local area police and heeding their advice in any shared security concerns
  • Identifying and reducing any violent behaviors as patrons leave the premise
  • Securing an on premise CCTV records with sufficient recognition standards
  • Obtaining a number of properly trained security staff on site at peak times
  • Implementing training programs that will educate security staff in managing conflicts, denying entry to intoxicated people, and escorting trouble makers off the venue
  • Developing a definite crowd management plan for club functions


To ensure that club patrons arrive and depart from the venue safely and orderly, club courtesy buses and taxi ranks may be offered. Clubs that are deliberating the provision of safe transport options may consider the following:

  • Establish a well-lit and secure taxi rank for patrons
  • Implement a secure taxi cab voucher system for patrons leaving the venue
  • Identify and inform the patrons of a conveniently located car park where they can park their cars
  • Inform the patrons of the free or subsided bus service being offered

Writing a Venue Safety Plan

Only measures that promote patron safety should be included in the Venue Safety Plan.

The plan should be disseminated properly to all employees, managers and contractors once it has been developed to properly educate them of their responsibilities. Additionally, the plan should be reexamined every six months.