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ACT Food Safety Is In The Good Books!


Only a few days ago, we discussed on a previous blog about the ACT food safety scandal that rocked one business and set them back $1 million. Yesterday, the Canberra Times said that food safety inspectors in the ACT have been praised for their work with local business operators.

What are the ACT Food Safety inspectors doing right?

From a survey that was government-commissioned, they found that more than three-quarters of the business owners were pleased with the ACT Health’s food safety advice. More than 2500 food business operators participated in this survey, majority of them being small businesses.

In the survey, operators from a medium-risk food business were asked to comment on their experience with the Operations Teams of ACT Health – who are responsible for food licensing, monitoring and enforcement of food safety regulations. More than 70% gave strong support for their service and 85% of businesses believe that the inspectors provide courteous, professional and high-quality service.

As a consumer, seeing businesses applaud the work of the government in regards to food safety sets our mind at ease. It shows to us that they are pro-actively looking for ways to keep the populace safe from products that might cause us to be sick. For business owners, it also encourages them to not only be more careful in the way they prepare their products but to also participate in improving the food safety movement.

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