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Bankstown Ups Food Safety For Consumers

food safety

The Bankstown Council, located south west of the City of Sydney, has made a move to put food safety pressure on food distributors. From next month, shops will have to put up a sign at their door. The Scores on Doors campaign aims to reward the most hygienic businesses by providing scores as given by a food safety inspector. Three circle given means “good”, four means “very good” and five means “excellent”. Having worked alongside the NSW Food Authority, the scores given to each restaurant is not only council approved but also state approved.

This campaign is much like the initiative in Hawaii reported about a month ago.

The mayor of Bankstown, Khal Asfour, believes this program will be appreciated by consumers for it will show diners how well a food business is complying with food safety standards. The confidence will know that they are not only eating delicious meals but also food that has been prepared in the highest hygiene practice.

The plan is for inspectors to check each operator every week. After the inspection they would decide on the score on the store and provide advice on how to improve.

Having one of the highest number of food outlets outside the City of Sydney, Scores for Doors will ensure safety for many consumers and has the potential of becoming one of the best programs in the state of NSW.

Only time can tell.

For more information on the Scores On Doors campaign, please click here.

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