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Chinese Food Safety: An Update


Last year, Chinese food safety was in the spotlight quite frequently – and not normally for good things. Like the dirtied chicken that was sold to McDonald’s (click here for the report) or the powdered milk scandal (click here for more info), this has put China up against a food safety wall. But we know they are trying their best to amend this, and recently we have seen some ways they have been improving!

Chinese Food Safety Authority Urges Milk Recall

Before it even happens, Chinese food safety authorities are warning three milk producer to recall their substandard infant formula. Not wanting to repeat their scandal from a few years ago, the China Food and Drug Administration said on its website on Tuesday that the companies should be severely punished for having excessive amounts of nitrate and selenium in their products.

China’s Authorities Seized Decades-Old Frozen Meat

Authorities seized almost 100,000 tonnes of chicken wings, beef and pork yesterday. In total, these meats were worth almost half a billion dollars! That catch? The frozen contained was mized with rotting meat which some dated to 40 years old. That would mean it was originally packed and stored when the country still under the rule of Communist China’s founding father Mao Zedong, who died in 1976!

Do you think China has made steps to improve their food safety standards? What other steps need to be taken?

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