Don’t Be Scared, They’re Only Legumes


Food fads come in and out of the media spotlight, and right now legumes are under fire! Why? Because people are scared of eating this food group.

The fear stems from the popular paleo diet that is one of the biggest craze in the food industry. In this diet, it advises you to avoid consuming grains and legumes. The fear of legumes is not helped by the myth that beans can cause you to fart.

But since the restructuring of the food pyramid in Australia (check out our post on the changes made to the food pyramid here), consumers have started to reconsider their decision.

Let Go Of Your Legume Fears

In the new food pyramid, legumes appear TWICE! That is because legumes are classified as both a vegetable and a protein. They are also super cheap and do much good for your health. Legumes can reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers and obesity! Basically, legumes kill two birds with one stone.

From studies, Australia had dropped their consumption of grain food by 295 between 2011 and 2014. The new food pyramid will hopefully push people to eat the recommended Eating two serves of legumes a week (that is, two half cups).

Do you need to put aside your own ‘myths’ about legumes? Should you reconsider our diet to fit legumes in it?

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