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Fakes Ruin Australian Food Reputation


Last week, we mentioned how Australian food is in the work of redesigning their food labels (click here to read all about it) and it seems like it has been the perfect time to do so! Many people know about the infamous Asia pirated movie DVDs, music CDs and handbags but now, counterfeit food proves to be Australian producers biggest challenge.

Many Australia producers and exporters are urging the government to actively protect the pride of Australian products – maintaining the clean image that we have. Currently, foreign companies are taking advantage of Australia’s high quality of food by producing counterfeiting labels and packaging to sell their own inferior and potentially unsafe product in international markets.

The biggest source of concern? Premium Australian meat. In 2012, the head chef of a five-star Shanghai hotel notified the Australian owner of Blackmore Wagyu Beef that the meat he used in Dubai was different to the one being used in China. The Chinese product was immediately identified as a fake – the label coded in ink was nowhere to be found. Even though this case was notified to both Chinese and Australian authorities, nothing was done.

If this continues, it can ruin the reputation that Australia has for its good quality food. This is a matter that should have been raised in the free trade agreement

Do you need to check the labels of what you buy more carefully?

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