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Make It Simple: Aussie Food Labelling System

As mentioned in many of our previous posts (click here to look at the last one we did on the topic), the current food labelling system in Australia has proved to be a barrier for Australian consumers and producers. However, as the new country of origin label is being updated, it will hopefully make the system less complex.

From the image, you can see that the new labels have a lot more detail and draws on the specifics of ‘how Australian’ a product is. The Federal Government now wants us, the public, to provide the feedback for the designs. There is an online survey available and we have a month to give the government our opinion.

The government hopes that the new designs will make it a lot easier for consumers to simplify the system. Currently, the Australia Made logo – a green triangle containing the stylised yellow outline of a kangaroo used maybe renowned but it doesn’t provide the exact details of the product. Internationally, Australia is notorious for our complicated food labelling system so this will help our export good be more clear.

Do you think the new design makes it easier for consumers to identify the origin of our products?

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