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FDA To Crackdown On Food Warehouses


Food warehouses in the United States are under pressure after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) busted 90 warehouses. Why? They found rodent nests, carcasses, and faeces littering in its warehouse during an inspection in December.

After these results came out, authorities are demanding that regulatory agencies take this matter more seriously to crack down on the food manufacturers that cannot maintain sanitary spaces for food production. They suggest actions like more frequent inspections, higher fines, and the creation of an easily searchable food database for distributors and consumers.

Currently, the FDA requires US food manufacturers and distributors to take measures to ensure food safety before products make it to supermarket shelves and stores. However, inspections are irregular depending on the type of facility, the type of food processed, and the public health risk associated with certain products. The new push will hopefully force the FDA to conduct more checks.

What about Aussie food warehouses?

Considering last week’s Queensland food poisoning restaurant (where a Chinese restaurant was forced to close; check out our blog on it here), Australia should follow in the steps of the United States (like we do in most things…) and up the ante in food safety control in food warehouses. Since the source of the outbreak has not been found yet, we can still hazard a guess that it could be the fault of the warehouses.

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