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Food Safety; Eggs Get Recalled


After a few food safety scandals at the beginning of 2015 (the hepatitis scandal regarding Nana’s Frozen Berries and the salmonella canned tuna scandal), you can add another one to the list! RL Adams Pty Ltd announced that they are recalling their Darling Downs Fresh Eggs and Mountain Range Eggs from independent supermarkets, fruit and vegetable stores, butcher shops and some cafes in QLD, NSW and NT due to dirty eggs which can potentially cause microbial contamination.

The products of concern are Darling Downs Fresh Eggs (300g, 350g, 500g, 600g, 700g, 1500g) and Mountain Range Eggs (350g, 500g, 600g and 700g) with Best Before dates between March 26, 2015, and April 22 2015.

The egg industry has been supportive of the Queensland and South Australia food safety authorities in this recent foodborne illness outbreak. The managing director of Australia Egg Corporation, James Kellaway says that the Australian egg industry is well monitored but like all perishable products, it needs to be handled carefully.

Kellaway also says that “Australia has some of the safest eggs in the world. This is the result of high-quality standards applied across industry combined with a system of food safety regulation that is on par with the world’s best.”

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