How Not To Get The Travelling Bug


As mentioned last week (click here for the post), many Australians are either considering or planning a trip overseas. British law firm Slater and Gordon has compiled a list of the countries that are the worst food poisoning offenders.

Salter and Gordon decided to conduct this research after, on their return, 2000 holiday goers report their bathroom experiences aboard. From the results o the survey, it turns out European countries have the highest rate of food poisoning.

Top Places To Get Sick While Travelling

  1. Spain (30 percent)
  2. Turkey (15 percent)
  3. Egypt (13 percent)
  4. Greece (12 percent)
  5. France (12 percent)
  6. Italy (8 percent)
  7. America (7 percent)
  8. India (7 percent)
  9. Morocco (6 percent)
  10. Thailand (6 percent)

The research also discovered that 25% of travellers consider the local cuisines as a deciding factor for their trip, while 40% say that hygiene becomes a concern. Most people decide not to go to India because they want to avoid the notorious “Delhi Belly”.

Furthermore, around 50% of vegetarians are also concerned whether their food has been mixed with meats. On top of that, 37% have actually seen meat in the ‘vegetarian’ dish.

After reading this article, do you need to put food safety into consideration as you plan your holiday? Or does that change your current plan?

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