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Is Australia’s High Food Safety Standards Causing Issues?



Australia’s high food safety standards might cause more problems with our imported goods! The special study done by the Weekend Australian shows that by cutting cost, it has caused many food safety scandals.

The research was done after the outbreak of hepatitis A that came from eating imported frozen berries. But from the analytical testing, it appears that imported food is generally safe. However, overseas producers survey the testing conducted in Australia and ­adjust their use of pesticides and antibiotics accordingly. Therefore, the reduction in testing imported goods means that overseas-based exporters leaves more room for them to cut corners, leaving consumers at risk from toxins building up in the environment.

Furthermore, since 2013, Australia has ceased testing confectionary and sugary beverages after the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) announced that they have no public health and safety risk in 2008. But just last month, the United States reported that caramel colouring in cola and other drinks containing carcinogen can become a cancer risk.

What now Aussie food safety?

FSANZ should once again pick up their strict regulations. If that improves again, it will slim the chances down of other food filled with pathogens slipping into our market.

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