Mythbusters: Produce Style


Last week, we did a mythbuster-esque style post regarding food safety (check it out here) and this time, we will rehash the idea for a post breaking the spell on produce saying that you might come across. You probably hear a range of different in regards to how to deal with vegetables but what is the truth and what are the lies?

Let’s find out!

  • Produce wash is a must – This one is true! By washing your produce, it can destroy more bacteria. Even tap water does the trick.
  • Organic and homegrown produce is clean – FALSE! Organic farms may control conditions, but people still touch these apples with contaminated hands at the grocery stores. Play it safe and wash you homegrown produce unless you irrigate with drinking water and are have confidence in your soil quality.
  • Pre-washed lettuce needs re-washing – This one may be false but each to their own. Make sure that pre-washed produce isn’t contaminated by your messy cutting board.
  • All veggies with skins need peeling – Also just a tale. But if you are concerned, give your produce a good brush will you wash them.
  • Wash produce the second you get home – Again, each to their own. But by doing so it can raise another problem. Washed produce may spoil faster and all produce can grow bacteria while stored.

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