Top 5 Overseas Places Aussies Get Sick


Hit by the terrible winter chill recently, many Aussies are planning a trip overseas. A few months ago, we did a post about which countries most British people develop food poisoning on their travels (click here to read it). Here is an Aussie version.

The main issue that causes food poisoning overseas is that Australians’ stomachs are not accustomed to the local cuisine. Of course, many other factors come into play, but the main issue derives from the brave and careless Aussie souls who venture to eat some extravagantly ‘cultured’ meal, like deep fried tarantula.

The Top Overseas Locations To Cause Food Poisoning

  1. Bali – Drinking from a tap is the most common way to get struck by a bout of food poisoning.
  2. Thailand – Not only does the food cause you to be sick, but Thailand has a high rate of people getting fungal skin infections.
  3. Fiji – More than food poisoning, watch out for the mosquito-borne illnesses, including dengue fever.
  4. Philippines – They also have a bunch of crazy food to eat here but it is the influenze you need to be careful of!
  5. Spain – With the highest rate of food poisoning in the world, you should be careful about what you eat.

Has this changed your mind about what to do on your holiday? Do you need to be more conservative in your eating adventures?

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