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Video: Behavioural Based Food Safety

As mentioned in our post last week (click here to see the post); here is the web seminar that expands on the idea of Behavioural Based Food Safety. This web seminar explores the best method to implement rules and have them REMAIN implemented for your food business. Because more often than not, we tend not to keep the strictest practices when we are working in the kitchen.

Web Seminar Summary: Behavioral Based Food Safety

Studies show that 25-40% of food employees don’t wash their hands properly after visiting the toilet. In this webinar, we will obtain tools to better understand what barriers stand between planning and implementation. These tools will enable food safety professionals to put together a more effective comprehensive food safety implementation program at the workplace. We will present the novel MACK (motivation, awareness, capability and knowledge) model of human behaviour. Using case studies we will utilize the model to shed light on what is really going wrong in the industry and gain insight and how to effectively modify behaviour.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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