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2016 Food Safety Round Up: One

The first food safety roundup for the year! For those new to this concept, every month or so, we gather some international food safety news and put it into one post for you to have a quick read of. Enjoy!

United States Toughens Poultry Food Safety Law

The US Department Of Agriculture (USDA) has finalised a new food safety regulation that aims to reduce the risk of salmonella and campylobacter in chicken products. The new standard will make the testing of ground poultry more robust. Since 1996, whole chicken carcases have been tested for food contamination but times have changed now we know that salmonella levels increase as the chicken is further processed.

Thailand Halts Australia Salad

Since the huge salmonella scandal that struck Australian pre-packed salads (click here for more information). This ban threatens millions of dollar in the industry and puts a risk to Australia’s high food safety record.

32 Students Hospitalised In India

32 students ranging from 8-14 have been hospitalised after having lunch at their school. After the students started vomiting and complaining about abdominal pain. They were all quickly given medicine to help them through the last bouts of food poisoning.

We hope you found this food safety roundup useful and insightful – did it help you see how the world of food safety works and differ on a global scale?

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