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Food Recall: Prepacked Salad Leaves

Only days after a food recall was announced for Costco’s Easy Cut Shoulder Ham (click here to read more), another recall was announced yesterday evening. Four types of pre-packed salad leaves from Coles and Woolworths have been placed on a national voluntary recall status.

After the post made a few days ago about how Facebook can do more good than harm for these two supermarket giants of Australia (find out more by clicking the link here), one can only imagine all the news surrounding people’s news feed – that is how I found out about the recall myself! The recall was made after 28 salmonella cases were related with links to the salad leaves.

The Food Recall Culprit

Both Coles and Woolworths source their salad leaves from Victorian-based Tripod Farmers company – the source of the contaminated greens. The following produce are the ones to look out for and consider being taken back to the store you purchased it;

  • Woolworths brand: Spinach 100g, Rocket 100g, Salad mix 100g

  • Wash N Toss: Watercress 100g, Sorrell 50g, Baby Cos 100g, Spinach 100g, Salad Mix 100g, Rocket 100g, Kale 100g

  • Coles brand: Spinach 60g, Rocket 60g and 120g, Spinach and Rocket 120g, Spinach 120g, 4Leaf 120g and 200g

  • SupaSalad: SupaSalad 180g, Green Coral 180g, Supamix 1kg, Spinach 1kg, Rocket 1kg, Baby Cos 1kg, Spinach 180g

The Victorian department said the recall was for products with best-before dates up to and including February 14, but Coles said their affected products were those with a use-by date up to and including February 11, 2016, from VIC, NSW, ACT, NT and SA stores only. Therefore, other salad mixes with a use-by date on or after February 12, 2016, were safe to consume. On the other hand, Woolworths said any of their salad products with use-by dates on or before February 14 should not be consumed – this applies to Woolworths stores in NSW, VIC and ACT only.

Do you need to go to your fridge now and check out the use-by-date on your salad packs? Do you need to precautions when you prepare your next salad?

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