Domino’s Goes Mexican?

When we are having a lazy day, many Aussies hit up Domino’s for some pizza. This might soon all change with the fast-food chain looking to acquire a popular Mexican chain in the United States. But some people think it is a bad move for the pizza giant.

Domino’s is looking to acquire other food chains to expand their horizons. And the word on the streets is that they were thinking about Chipotle – a famous Mexican chain in America. Famous for all the wrong reasons.

The Chipotle Debacle

A few months ago, the Australian meat industry was facing some issues with United States. There was a food poisoning outbreak in a few States and the source was none other than Chipotle. The Mexican fast-food franchise then pointed fingers at the meat. The Australian meat they used in their meals. No other evidence was found that the outbreak was caused by the meat.

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With such a notorious reputation, what is Domino’s thinking? The dust has just settled over this issue and it is still a touchy subject. Domino’s might not get the support it needs from the farmers who still might be frustrated with the problem before. The reputation of Chipotle is not the best at this moment either.

What do you think about this rumour? Do you think it is a good move from the pizza franchise?

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