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US Blames Aussie Beef For E. Coli Crisis



As some of you may know, a huge e. Coli scandal has hit a major fast food chain in the United States. Chipotle Mexican Grill’s current food poisoning scandal has caused 500 people to become ill and 21 people are hospitalised. But now that push has come to shove, the franchise has shoved the blame on their supplier – an Australian beef processor.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Chipotle did a process of elimination on their production chain and concluded that their current food safety predicament is caused contaminated Australian beef which then spread to other ingredients through improper handling.

Although the outbreak is declared as over by the US food safety authorities, the US Centre of Disease Control are still yet to identify the source of the pathogen.

The Aussie E. Coli Refute

One can only imagine in the frustration of the Australian beef farmers after hearing this accusation. The Australian Meat Industry Council was quick to defend the Aussie produce. A spokesperson said Australia had no US port of entry detections of bacterial contamination (E.coli), in about 491 million kilograms of beef exported in 2014 and 547 million kilograms of beef exported up until December 2015.

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