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Food Safety Round Up – America Edition

The final food safety roundup focuses on the country that most of the first world gets influenced by. The one. The Only. The United States Of America.

The Chipotle Fiasco Continues

Just when Chipotle seems to have had their food poisoning scandal behind them (click here to find out more on their salmonella issue), the sales results from the most recent quarter show otherwise. The company down a staggering 22% at restaurants open more than a year. But the food poisoning scandal alone did not cause the issue. It seems that the issue with Chipotle is that they are having trouble delivering the food to the guests on time.

Maybe food poisoning isn’t a big deterrent for some Americans after all?

Bad Powdered Milk

Williams-Sonoma of San Francisco, CA is voluntarily recalling limited quantities of its Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed Quick Bread mix. It was made with powdered milk that could be contaminated with Salmonella. Williams-Sonoma has not released the name of the powder milk supplier but many suspect that this issue may be related to the raise in recalls of Valley Milk Products LLC.

The following is the description of what the product looks like;

  • Williams-Sonoma Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed Quick Bread;
  • NET WT. 1 LB. 2 OZ;
  • Packaged in a yellow paper bag;
  • SKU 7839186 located on price sticker; and
  • BEST BY: JAN2018 02118:A1 or JAN2018 02018:A1 located on the back flap.

Dampened Christmas Spirits

More than 30 Christmas Baskets are being recalled from stores like Sam’s Club, Costco and catalogue-internet sales around the States after they found out that Blue Cheese Savoury Twists. These twist could have Salmonella because of an ingredient made with powdered milk. The recall was posted with the Food and Drug Administration by Houdini Inc. of Fullerton, CA, and did not name the powdered milk supplier whose product was used in the seasoning for the blue cheese snack crackers.

We hope you have enjoyed this final food safety roundup of 2016 and look for more roundups like these next year.

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