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What is the new berry food labelling law?

After the fiasco two years ago, it seems food labelling changes will be made to frozen berries around the country. How will these new labels help consumers in the future?

Do not remember what happened to frozen berries two years ago? Click here to read our post about the frozen berries that caused many consumers to get hepatitis.

There was legislation that was past last week in the Australian parliament that reformed the country-of-origin label. The new laws make clear that importing ingredients and undertaking minor processes, like dicing or canning, is not enough to justify a “made in Australia” claim.

Although the revised legislation does not directly fix any of the problems that caused the 2015 hepatitis scandal, by changing the rules of food labelling, it will hopefully help consumers be wiser about the origins. This issue has been contended many times prior to this change.

Do you think this is food label change is a move forward? Is it substantial enough to keep people safe from other food poisoning issues?

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