What Caused A Bakery In Canberra To Be Fined?

A bakery in Canberra has copped a heavy fine from the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Court. This was in response to a damning report from health officials after a routine food safety inspection. The check was done in May 2017.

Oriental Hot Bake, a bakery located in the suburb of Hawker, had a $19,000 fine imposed after health officials uncovered a series of food safety breaches. The breaches were so bad that health officials also placed a closure notice.

What food breaches were made by the bakery?

The owner was found guilty for 5 breaches of food standards:

  • The presence of both live and dead cockroaches in food preparation areas

  • Food being stored uncovered on the floor of the cool room

  • The presence of food waste on the floor, on appliances, and on the wok burner

  • The unsanitary condition of equipment used to transport cooked per meat

  • The absence of soap for hand washing purposes

Since then, the bakery has re-opened after the court heard that all subsequent inspections have been passed.

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Is your food business ready for a surprise food inspection? What food safety practices do you need to change up if you are not up to scratch?

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