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How Do I Pass A Food Safety Inspection?

A food safety inspection can be a food businesses make or break factor. If you do not pass the inspection, it can cause a hefty fine and a bad reputation. What are the key things you should consider to prep for the inspection? Read on!

Food safety inspections play a huge role in the regulation of the laws made by Food Safety Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). Inspectors may sometimes even come unannounced! The following points will help you be ready, at any time.

Steps to a good food safety inspection score

  1. Have a good idea where you will meet the investigators. Choose a room that is a good size to review records but not big enough to have the records accessed unsupervised

  2. Assign trusted members of your staff as primary and secondary Designated Individual (DI). They serve as the liaisons between your business and the FSANZ

  3. Finalise your food safety plan. Make sure all members of staff are on the same page

  4. Make sure that the DIs can easily access records. In case of a deviation, there must be proof that action has been taken

  5. Make sure that your business regularly has environmental monitoring and sampling. This will help you identify any hidden problems before the inspectors can

  6. At random, conduct your food safety inspections with your staff. This will help them be ready for any surprise inspections. You can also high food industry consultants to test you and tell you where you faults lie

Have this steps helped you better prepare for a food safety inspection? What step do you need to take and adapt into your own policies.

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