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Does Scores On Doors Benefit A Food Business?

The Scores On Doors system has many obvious benefits for consumers. They will have more confidence in entering a food premise that has a higher rating. Consumers will also have an idea of what type of restaurant they are entering. But what about for food businesses? What are the benefits of Scores On Doors?

Being a part of Scores On Doors is the easiest way for consumers to be satisfied. With a better score, you enhance the consumer’s experience at your establishment. Happy customers will more likely return! This seems like one very positive note.

Furthermore, if your business takes extra care in maintaining a pristine food safety record and enforces a good hygiene system, the best way to advertise the hard work put into this. The inspections for Scores On Doors comes at no extra cost. The rating is given dependant on a food business’s compliance with hygiene and food safety requirements. These benchmarks are based on the existing, mandatory inspections done by the local council

So not only does Scores On Doors provide comfort and safety for consumers, but it also can act as a form of marketing advantage to food businesses. Displaying your certificate and sticker can provide a point of difference from competitors – especially with a good rating! This may bring more customers to your establishment.

Questions to ask myself on Scores On Doors

Should your food business consider joining this program? Do you need to think about your current food safety record and hygiene system so you can get a good score if you have an inspection coming up?

Find more about the system of Scores On Doors here.

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