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What Restaurants Failed A Food Safety Inspection In Sydney?

A food safety inspection was done last year by the New South Waled Food Authority. Recently, we saw the 56 businesses in the inner west of Sydney receive their fines. Which retail outlets coughed up some hefty fines?

What did the food safety inspection pin point?

Inspectors from the local council had a checklist. This checklist had things like temperature control, food handling techniques, waste-disposal practices and presence of pests. The list was compiled to hopefully improve food safety standards. Some restaurants even had large amounts of pests such as rats, mice and cockroaches inhabiting the workspace. The 56 fines handed out is divided by 24 businesses were hit with fines by Inner West Council, 14 by Strathfield Council, 10 from Burwood Council and eight from Canada Bay Council.

The worst offender was Stanmore McDonalds. As a result, they copped a fine of $24000 for their unacceptable food practices. This included failing to prevent the likelihood of contamination and using unclean equipment. Health ­inspectors found the Bridge Rd outlet had dirt, grease and food waste on the floors, walls and food storage areas. Furthermore, investigators also found food exposed to contamination and staff not washing their hands properly when preparing food.

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Is your food business in danger of getting your name dirtied like this? If so, how are you going to revise your food safety practices?

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