What Kitchen Gadgets Are Contaminated?

We all know the kitchen can be a very dangerous place. Bacteria can linger anywhere. Even if we wash our hands and kitchen surfaces, bacteria can linger in other places as well. If the bacteria get into food, they can cause foodborne illnesses.

From posts from last week, you would know that kitchen sponges and dishcloths are one of the items that can be contaminated. You can read the article on which is the best cleaning tool to use here. The other article about the proper way of looking after your dishcloth, you can read that here.

The following are other items that can be contaminated by bacteria:

  • Can openers
  • Cutting boards
  • Most people use their countertops not only for food preparation, but also for possibly contaminated items like grocery bags, mail, or household objects
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Sink drains and P-trap. This is the J-shaped pipe under the sink that retains a quantity of water to block sewer gas from seeping back up through the sink
  • Refrigerators
  • Complex appliances like food processors, blenders, and eggbeaters

Cleaning The Dirty Kitchen Tools

Therefore, it is very important that we not only wash these items but also disinfect them. Washing only removes grease, food residues, and dirt, as well as a large number of bacteria. But by disinfecting it kills all sorts of organisms like removes grease, food residues, and dirt, as well as a large number of bacteria.

Were you aware of how dirty these kitchen tools are? Do you need to add disinfecting into your everyday practice?

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