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Who Is Running Scores On Doors in NSW?

As part of our look into the Scores On Doors series (check out our first post here), this post will address the governing body of said initiative. This system not only protects consumers from food poisoning, but it also serves as a good benchmark for food businesses. So which organization came up with the guidelines?

Scores On Doors is initiated by the New South Wales (NSW) Food Authority. It works with key agencies like local councils and NSW Health to make sure that food businesses around the state use effective food safety and food quality management practices. By enforcing these regulations, it provides the state’s food industry with more consumer confidence. It also reduces the food poisoning incidents.

The main goal is to see the food industry safely deliver food to customers safely, from field to plate. And to ensure that this happens, the NSW Food Authority continually promotes food safety. One way to do this is by providing education material to consumers to keep them informed about food choices.

The role of  NSW Food Authority

Since its birth in 2004, the NSW Food Authority is a state government agency that seeks to perfect the food safety system. They report to the Minister for Primary Industries. The NSW Food Authority is also the point of contact on food safety and regulation for industry, local government and consumers.

For more information about the NSW Food Authority, check out their website here.

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