Festive Cheer Goes Wrong At Christmas Party


Last week, all people would talk about is the inevitable Christmas party. The presents, the beer and most importantly the food. But for an unfortunate 34 people in Victoria, they did not leave the party in such high spirits.

In Portsea, Victoria, one man was taken to hospital after the Christmas party and another 33 guests suffered nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. There was only a total of 44 guests (six were children), which meant well over 75% of the guests contracted the food poisoning.

Some of the guests showed food poisoning symptoms by the time they were home but many called 000 later in the evening. However, paramedics were called at around 8 pm at the Percy Cerutty Oval to treat some of the more serious cases.

Planning the 2015 Christmas Party

Before you can say “Ho! Ho! Ho!”, the 2015 Christmas party planning will hit you! So if you do not want to cause such pain to those you love, be sure to consider good food safety habits in preparing your meal for your family and friends.

Last week, we posted two blog post regarding the proper method of preparing a good Christmas feast. Click here for the first post and you can go here for the second one. Maybe if the host had read these post, they will not have 34 sick people on their hands…

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